Friday, December 26, 2008

Jakarta trip

And so, lately my family & i went to JAKARTA INDONESIA for a vacation. its a 5 days trip. to the heart of jakarta & another place called bandung. for part 1, i'll talk about jakarta seaworld. its kinda crappy as u go into the seaworld.

well, i must say, its quite impressive to be able to see aquatic & marine life being preserve here. as we all know, jakarta is the top 10 most polluted cities in the world. there are many fishes that i manage to snap a picture of them. such as the:-

the shark

the piranha

A giant fish with misai

a jumbled up aquarium with all kinds of fishes(many indon people)

Inside seaworld its pretty big but crappy. How do i define the word crappy? watch this:-

can u see what my sis is looking at? no guns allowed in the seaworld dome? NO GUNS?! eh, hello!!!! its like a total common sense that u cannot bring guns into public area "including if u r going to 7eleven just to buy some drink while holding a handgun!!!!", what again inside the seaworld?! god, indonesian people must be vey St*P#Ks.

Dispite the stupidity of the sign, i manage to find soemthing to be amused

such as this 1, the describtion says that this is a dugong. but with my point of view, what i can only see is this.


its alright actually cox suddenly i saw this, they even manage to preserve some dead fish. @@!

a preserve shark

A weird armored like fish

an overly bloated fish

a dead fish with a bikin panas face

Last but not least, a IKAN MASIN.

For those muslim who wanna swim along but cant get the correct pattern of swimsuit which will ended up exposing your body parts which is haram, fear no more. because apparently, now there is existed new types of swimsuit for muslims people XD

PS: if any1 of u feel offended by any mean in this post, do so tell me. i will remove it. Cheers~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Apple Family~

Wow~ as an apple fan boy. i must say, i am literally addicted to apple. my first gadget of apple is my apple iphone that i bough it for rm2500 during 2007 christmas. "i know, i'm stupid for purchasing such hp" this days, iphone only cost rm1200. =.=
My apple iphone

I'm so obsess of apple that i have create the apple family within my gadgets boundry :)
I even wanted to change my next laptop to an apple macbook pro.

i was so freaking obsess with apple that i change the window OS that runs something like a MAC OS instead. (those wanna see the OS, feel free to ask me, i got the installer ^^)

Even the battery charger, i also put an apple logo sign to it.

One day i realize that i require an external hardisk. Sadly to say this but I really cant afford to have a "time capsule" (product of apple). In the end, i did get 1 portable external hardisk with a brand called buffalo.

& so, my dad ask me to get this brand cox its from japan. lame =.=

my portable external hardisk (with a gigantic apple logo on it) hopefully it can tahan like a buffalo

After that, here came my psp. my psp looks gloomy moody with its glossy black, so i kinda upgrade it with some accesories so act as a cosmetic for my psp. as u can see, it is still not complete with the apple logo sign.
therefore i have also added the apple logo sign to it to enchance the ber-cool-ness of it. As u can see, after adding the apple logo sign to it. it looks very ber-fon. kan kan~ thank u thank u. really ber-fon liao XD
The wooden like puppet is from indon
The red doll is all the way from china (its ori)
I'm sure it will not look cool without the apple logo. LOL!

And there u have it, my whole collections of gadgets with each of them is mark with an apple logo sign. ekeke~

PS: always remember apple bites a great hole in your pocket & wallet too. so far so good, it only manage to bite my money for 1 gadget of mine. the ress of my gadget is capalang XD