Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My First SAMAN which is not consider as My First SAMAN

Ok, here's the story. 1 day, i when to work. With what? sure with my dad car lar. the parking lot that day is like totally full up. so darn full that i dont even have any chance to park my car.

What will u do if u were in that kinda situation?
1st choice = go park next to the shopping complex which will cost u some $$
2nd choice = Break the Rulezz, jsut park at the side way of the road.

By the way, I was using this gay car

OK ok, i admite. we youngster love to break the rulezz. pick the easy work/job. & at that point, i'm like "oh, ok then, just park at the road side"

then came WAAA LAAAA~

My first ever SAMAN

However, LUCKY LUCKY!!! coz, the the plate number in the saman paper, is like, miss by just 1 number. becoming not consider as my car anymore "the pink gay car" XD

MAN! even my pink gay car also the police wanna saman, lucky that time the police blur blur. might be taking too much beer before going for duty i guess =.=