Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The EMPIRE Hotel (Brunei)

Lately, my family & I decided to go to Brunei for a vacation while visiting my relative.

I manage to go to a "6 STAR" hotel. 'can u belief it!!!' even brunei also got a 6 STAR hotel. the sultan must have really know how to enjoy himself right?

Oliver, take that!!!! even your so called 13 inches also sure cannot beat up the Empire gigantica length, man!!! haha

This picture, makes me look very short =.=

The Empire Is very powerful u know! Even offer to Spak tak tak tak for u xD


Aiks aiks aiks!!! the empire really love to spak tak tak people man! "for those who dont really know the term spak tak tak, do seek for help"

FOR D Empire!!!

Taste the fury of the Empire!!!~
Swords, lightsaber, lasergun, You named it!

All kinds of weapon that u can taste from the empire army.
Anyway, it's not the column of the EMPIRE hotel nor the wrath or the spak that i am amuse of. it's the other thing that i am amuse of.

I When to a section of the area in the hotel, then there is this Round circle of those famous people who had ever visited this so called "6 star" hotel. Some of the familier faces that i can recall is of course badawi. Erm, the queen of england & some prince of england as well.

Part of the cirlce. "There's my dad^^" hehe

A typical Picture of the Sultan & His special guess
But WAIT!!!!! Almost every picture, i AM sure that something is bothering my eyes. By zooming the title above, i saw this.

In full, the sultan name "dibawah yang maha mulia seri paduka baginda sultan haji janal deluillah mu'izzadin waddulah sri al marhum sultan haji omnar saihuddin saadul khairi waddien sultan dan yang di-pertuan negara Brunei Darussalam"


"With Andrew jordan & anne busfield"

I'm like , WTF 'What The Fart'. That is your VIP yet your title is damn long until have to put your VIP name at the lowest most bottom of the portrait. the vip = kelefe. Sultan name itself is equivalent to like what?! like 30 peoples names Man!!!

Then there is this 1 particular interesting familier faces that i think everyone might know him. DOnt u?

Try & see, Whose that!!! really Look like a very familier Face right?

let me zoom for those who have 4 eyes lah. Now do u know who is that?
Look like your uncle saddam Right?

SADDAM!!! SADDAM HUSSEIN!!! I though you are already in hell??? still in time for a visit at the Empire huh?