Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When Desperado Strikes~

Times Square
I went to time squre lately(August 08). Kven & wong dog dog invited me out, so i decided to join them. hoping to find some jeans. ended up buy this =.=

(It is a jeans, is it not?)

Oh well, Back to the main point. As usual, while shopping & when suddenly nature call. "I Answer". So i decided to use the guys toilet. "surely man toilet lah, i'm a guy what"
When suddenly i saw this!
(Vandals!!! or shall i say deperate people???)
OK! Let me explain! A normal guy will surely take the toilet paper from the bottom. yaya, like me, u see, my hand.
(yaya,my hand, good guy XD)

(Desperately taking out the toilet paper)

Instead of the good boy style like jess did, those mindless guy(or maybe deperate people) must have use their shoe to break the toilet cover out of it. then quickly Grab the toilet paper with full glory(in desperate situation) as if he found gold. perhaps they dont have mind to think where is the opening area to dig that toilet paper out. Moral of story? SAD SAD Public Toilet =.=

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

JESS is way short in hp credit :(

This is a very Shocking discovery to JESS!!!
well, YES! its related to my phone!!!!
and NO!!! MY PHONE IS STILL WORKING GREAT! those who wanna curse me, DONT CURSE ME!!!!
My hp background :)
(love it)
well, lately i have been using my hp a lot. so i kept reload reload reload & reload. furthermore there is this digi promotion (reload rm100 will get expiry date for a year). in the end, my hp ended up like this

here, let me zoom it for u guys

Zoom zoOM ZOOM

it stated there,

  1. my number 016-$%#%&*@
  2. last call cost : rm0.18
  3. (BALANCE RM 80.99!!!!!)
  4. (RELOAD BEFORE: 01/08/09!!!!!!!!)
  5. free voice : rm 0
  6. free sms : rm 0

today is 5/08/08.Its like, what the HELL!!!! I mean, come on lah, RM80.99 expect to last for a year? GAWD, what have i done till i have to be punished this way? :(

Think i have to change strategy, find new alternative. quickly go back to hometown & request from my dad for register line =P