Thursday, July 17, 2008

Porn SHop spotted at Low Yat 'lau yah'

1 day, i went to low yat. For those people who dont really know what low yat is, " its the most famous place for those computer freak guys"

As a good friend of my cousins fren. "Not gonna tell u his name. ekekke" I decided to be his bodyguard. coz he wanna buy a new laptop.

BUT!!! the main point here is not bout that. Its about this particular shop. a normal shop selling computer/laptop/ spare parts / DLL (dan lain-lain)

BUT BUT BUT!!!!!!!! if u reliase something, the name of this shop is very special. Try & look at this shop>>>>>


ACE as in = number 1

AV as in = Adults video

SOLUTION as in = u will not get caught

Wat the hell is this! as in? u can get the best porn good good stuff while u will not get caught?

I bet if u purchase a laptop in this shop, it would come in 1 set of porn av as well. akakakak~

for those people which have thick skin might just purchase their laptop with full glory. but for those people with inferior complex i guess u guys will have to follow like my fren over here>>>

jess fren : Uncle, ada jual laptop yang ini ini itu itu?

Vendor : ade!~ mau beli ka? termasuk 1 set barang bagus atau without?

jess fren : Mesti lah yang the 1 set barang bagus tat!

Vendor : mahal tau, tapi 100% satisfactory & tak akan kena caught.

jess fren : BAh! bagi itu itu ini ini laptop with 1 set punya!!