Monday, May 19, 2008

The Innocent yet Wild J3sS ^^

Ok, for my entry of the day. I'm gonna talk bout what should a person really be. as in, good or bad? Well, this is because i have seen things & starting to realise something.

Which side do you Pick?

Have u ever heard that people say I'm a good person? that people kept taking advantage of me? or instead, I'm darn badasss. people see me also scare. then, they kept saying. it's hard to change? is that true?

Well, SCREW those people!!! I belief we all can change that. besides, human evolution is to allowing us to suit into the environment. why not you just accept the fact that you, yourself also can change huh? my advice is to me moderate. as in, being good is good, but not to forget to be a lil bad as well. so that people dont take advantage of you.

screw their head with this (bullet like screw) SCREW U!

I know, 'in chapter 3 principle of management' did stated that humans do have high resistances to change. no offends mum, (but my mum really very tiki one). tiki (hokkian) = stubborn. but my mum improve a lot edi lah ^^

OK lah, I admite, majorities of those who view my blog is still a small kid/child/crybaby. so I have prepared some illustration using picture k :)

should u be, a badass boy like this?


-Not easily kena bully

-Look cool

-Many people wanna make fren with u (boys)

-Girls, well i guess they also love badass boys more then nerds.


-Look like a kid with zero IQ

-Look un_educated, your parents friend look on you also dont know what to comment. haizz

-Apon meeting with your girl parents (you're dead) like no bright future.

Or just a simple boy like this?


-Look like the future president for some country i guess?

-A very reliable looks

-May have friends but then all geeky too

-Girls parents sure like this type of kid kao kao! "kao(mandarin) =high"


-Too straight that people can easily cheat on u

-Cannot understand the real world. always stick at home. will never know what is enjoyment "especially dota^^"

-By looking at that kid face over there, I bet he sure is an anti social type de loh.

Well as u can see, going either good or bad, both have the pros & cons. so, in my opinion, I guess I would just pick both ^^. meaning, you got to be good sometimes, but bad at the same time. In the end, u will end up like me over here. Being so stress that i would eat the whole cake alone without any backup.

A confuse person

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Official heng tai men council, brethen COURT

wahahahha, behold!!!!

THOU shall see the return of J3sS senpai starting his Blog once more.

* PS *sorry for those who are waiting for so long, i'm darn too busy with my life, many things happen, so i kinda screw up this blog. FEAR NOT! for I shall continue it back ^^

for the entry since i have been long long away from my blog. i shall introduce my to those people who have never seen or dont really know who are my heng tai, here there are :-

Guy with monkey face on T-shirt = Chua yang miang 'A miang monkey' doing family business, very rich. no need to study edi. haha.

Middle = J3sS Founder of the Clan, Brenthen Court "consist of 5 members", introduce Dota to the heng tai

right = wong cheng how 'sorry girls, he already have a good , beautiful, sexy, cool looking gf' currenly waiting for the intake to become chef, soon, he can cook abalone for me XD

the Cut Picture 'the 1 at the back = this is a sohai, ang vui siang, currently in australia, studying M & E in degree.

orange looked T-shirt = sylvester leong. now current job, baby sitting while waiting for UNI intake.1 day when to his house, he carry the baby, AS IF IT IS HIS BABY. SO darn CUTE XD