Thursday, November 6, 2008

Work in ActioN

Lately my current status now is a "penggangur", everyday sleep like a pig (due to "a female night stalker", so i always sleep late now a days). therefore my parents is concern that my brain will no longer develop/work =.= lame right?
"Cute kan~"

That is why my mum kept asking my dad to bring me along with him to work. whats my dad occupation?
He's a safety consultant. what is a safety consultant? its all about safety first. safety this, safety that, bla bla blah.
no doubt i'm very proud of my dad. cox in the whole of sabah, at the moment, there is only 2 people that is qualified & recognize by the goverment to conduct these certain job. And my dad is 1 of them ^^
"My dad inspecting for any hazard that might cause"

I ever company my dad to few factories. pottery factory, plantation fertilizer factory, aggregates making factory, & my latest visit is the fabrication of natural gas piping factory. This would be my 4th factory that i company my dad for inspection.
currently this is the largest factory that i ever visit. but my dad say its considered as moderate size. dude, i miss out so much =.=
i'm fully equipped with a safety helmet, a pair of safety shoe,a pair of ear plug, a dust mask & ofcourse "my Trusted hush puppies underwear" :P

This is the factory compound. Its too big that I only able to take a section of the factory with a single shop of my digi cam.

Wow, look that this guy, using dusk mask also able to show the happy expression of his :)

I seriously belief, all of the the worker sure did not wear safety gear. its only when my dad & I go for inspection, then only they all rajin-rajin use. hahaha!!!

see see, until wear like fully protected of antrax bio chemical weapon also got bah.

For this factory, my dad say it is fully eqquipped with proper safety gear for workmen at work & many other safety symbol is also available.

therefore, as my fathers representative,
I shall give it a 4 STAR rating on the safety condition in this factory. "CHEERS~"


lojhunhaw said...

wa... good experience o!! i start to work also... at karamunsing!! still selling laptops la.. find me for laptops ya~ haha..

Koros said...

haha.. lojunhaw.. i nampak kau di pc fair bah.. hahahha